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Tips and Build Situations

Tips and tricks for playing the Scout class.
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Tips and Build Situations

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1. as everyone else said keep moving, u stop u die
2. even if ur using sandman id suggest trying to jump as much as possible
3. you will die... alot as u have no health and should try and get close
4. ur best position is on top or behind an enemy (wink*wink)
5.Use ur speed to ur advantage if shit gets real and ur to far away to do much, run get health come back

energy drink: like Natasha is only good in situations. especially as being a distraction for sentries assuming u actually use team work

pistol: is great when u dont have time to reload as u can just pull it out and take pot shots. also as blue already said good at attracting ppl. also a great feeling if u kill some one with it

Sandman: is great for defense scout as it stops ubers. only problem is that without double jump u need to move alot more. normal bat i find crits more( probably doesnt actually have higher chance jsut happens for me as such)

Force- A- nature: tell u the truth i hate it but its good if u know how to use it. i prefer the normal scatter gun as it has more shots and if u get close if u can get 3 or so off most ppl will drop

id say everyone as different playing style for scouts, but a tip that applies overall is jsut keep moving
also being twitchy helps alot
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