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Re: Melee Fort A11a- No more 1,000,000 HP for you, Mr. Scout

Posted: 04 Aug 2012, 08:10
by the asylum
spleenter wrote:... another one?
The new content update introduces a new weapon entity name, tf_weapon_cleaver, which is as you'd imagine the Flying Guillotine.

That and the func_regen allowed scouts to exploit a certain item and buff their HP every time the weapon stripper was triggered.

Re: Melee Fort A11a- No more 1,000,000 HP for you, Mr. Scout

Posted: 21 Nov 2012, 12:20
by the asylum
I was planning on releasing this along with the a12 builds, but what the hell. I love you guys so much I want you to have the brand new SD Melee Fort early.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/gpf8wv38318hz ... t_a11a.rar


Re: Melee Fort A11a- Now with SD Melee Fort!

Posted: 21 Nov 2012, 01:49
by Haunwulf
Oh man, My first custom SD map will take place in melee fort after all.

Re: Melee Fort A11a- Now with SD Melee Fort!

Posted: 21 Nov 2012, 02:14
by the asylum
dont worry haun, it'll be gentle.

Re: Melee Fort A11a- Now with SD Melee Fort!

Posted: 29 Dec 2012, 04:39
by the asylum



- General Changes
-- Mecha Update compatibiity added
-- New Titantron system in place! Same bad-ass tunes, less low-end computer unfriendliness!
-- The stripper system should behave better after round end
-- Some minor optimization tweaks

- ARENA Changes
-- Fixed issue with invalid spawnpoints

- CTF Changes
-- Titantrons no longer trigger on capture
-- Fixed BLU's title belt appearing upside down when carried

-DUEL Changes
-- The Flying Guillotine is now stripped, as it should have been

- RCTF Changes
-- Added some really obvious hints for BLU team on where to take the intel
-- Blocked in the Slobberknocker Storehouse from RED's side. It's a One-Way, RED-only doorway until the first point is capped.
-- Fiddled with the return and defense times
-- Match now ends OnTimer, regardless of wether the intel is in motion or not.
-- BLU's spawn has an additional exit
-- Added some health and ammo outside the Storehouse

- DM, KOTH, PLR Changes
-- nothin foo' they're perfect

-SD Changes
-- never happened you all saw nothing ok

Re: Melee Fort A12- Now with *LESS* SD Melee Fort!

Posted: 29 Dec 2012, 11:13
by _Pipeline
Deserves a shot, I'd say.

Re: Melee Fort A12- Now with *LESS* SD Melee Fort!

Posted: 30 Dec 2012, 10:28
by Haunwulf
_Pipeline wrote:Deserves a shot, I'd say.
Too bad it can't get shot, because it's melee only.

:3 Yeah shutup.

Re: Melee Fort A12- Now with *LESS* SD Melee Fort!

Posted: 31 Dec 2012, 02:15
by _Pipeline
I just like this guy's determination.

Re: Melee Fort A12- Now with *LESS* SD Melee Fort!

Posted: 01 Jan 2013, 01:44
by the asylum
d'awww thanks :3

Re: Melee Fort A12- Now with *LESS* SD Melee Fort!

Posted: 13 Feb 2013, 11:17
by the asylum
So here's the better SD version

https://www.dropbox.com/s/dxrrj2b7n317k ... a12_cc.bsp

also, the Engineer gets a major, major buff in the next builds:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZP_R2LX ... e=youtu.be

Re: Melee Fort A12- Now with *MOAR* SD Melee Fort!

Posted: 30 Mar 2013, 03:14
by the asylum



- New gametype (officially) added: SD Melee Fort! Now with 102% less suck!
- NEW new gametype! CP_3Melee_Fort_Event! 3 Points with a spooooooooky halloween theme!
- The Chooser returns! Get ready for the Heavy Bag Hunt!
- Removed the Nobuild brush for all versions exept DUEL. Engineers can now build Dispensers and

Teleporters, but not Sentry Guns.
- Extended the soundscape brushes a bit for versions that use Titantrons. Now you should be able to

hear your bad-ass tunes in the spawnroom.
- Added "Melee 1" auto-fire output on all maps, and a "Melee 0" output fired when someone activates the

func_regenerate trigger in the weapons caches after the round ends. For servers with corresponding

melee mods, this acts as a limited failsafe to better ensure compatibility with future updates.
- The resupply sheds now open like a closet instead of a typical rotating door, allowing for easier

- Looping kill inputs (ie Sandman's ball) are stopped on round's end.
- Fixed issue with some weapons not stripping properly
- Some long overdue skybox optimization

- Fixed the order in which RED players spawned. Now they'll start inside the large hall, then spill

over into the stage spawn, before the toll booths, just like BLU.

- Removed a bunch of superflous cameras and fixed the rest

- Fixed issue with the broken resupply locker function still working.

- Coulda' sworn I fixed that texture alignment with the respawn visualizer at RED's side...

- Added weapons sheds inside the Slobberknocker Storehouse, and by BLU's spawn.

And as for the Halloween map....


Re: Melee Fort A13- Now with *MOAR* Halloween AND Chooser!

Posted: 10 Jul 2013, 06:47
by the asylum
a14 fixes a ton of shit

- Fixed a few issues with the melee 1/0 outputs not firing on some maps
- Added ammopacks in the spawnrooms in versions that did not have them
- Moar "BUILD" posters added.
- Moar weapon dumps by spawnpoints
- Added nobuild brushes in places behind the respawn room visualizer that weren't covered by the respawn room brush. No more teleporting enemy spies into your respawn room, Griefgeneer. Even the visualizers seperating the toll boths from the courtyard have nobuilds behind them. Don't even think of trapping players there either.
- Added observer points for SD and Event. I thought I was forgetting something...

- Exploit with the Eureka Effect is fixed. Now you must play by the rules, cowboy.
- Also fixed being able to teleport yourself behind the toll booths.
- Killed the respawn room bushes on round start. Now you'll be able to build inside where they once were.

- Added an override room for DUEL Melee Fort. Once "capped", this will override the choosing process and switch the map to duel_melee_fort_a14
- Added some observer points
- If, for some reason, the server is missing one of the maps and the players choose to go there, the map will reset.
- Changed up the spawn system if you die while choosing. No more cheating with weapons for you, buddy.
- Fixed the floor and glass wall of the initial spawnroom looking wierd

- FINALLY got rid of the stupid signs in the skybox that did nothing but look ugly.
- Engineers can no longer build in the stage spawns.

- The title belts now sit flat when at rest, no more being suspended above the ring (and more importantly, no more location indicator being sideways!)
- Capturezone has also been shrunk as well, limited to just around the brand new pedastals that the belts now rest on.

- Added ammopacks inside the boxcar spawnrooms.

- Some silly vbsp partitioning put a giant slab of concrete in the skybox. It's gone now, so enjoy the view... what little view there is anyway. Like it matters though im gonna be redoing all the skyboxes eventually anyway whatever look you want an update or not

- Added pumpkin bombs and the Horsemann. Fun fun fun.
- Heightened the side guards on the bridge. Now you won't go running off of them.
- Added some lights outside. Now you can see what you're doing.
- Added coffins lined with weapons inside the secret labs, right where the weapons sheds are in the other versions. Of course, you should know how to open them. It finally feels like Melee Fort again.
- Gave BLU's base some different geometry. Now the two bases aren't identical at face-value.
- Deleted the additional push brush outside of the grave respawns. Now you shouldn't go rocketing across the map :\

- Added bomb hatch and an explosion at the end. Now you actually get to blow shit up instead of just parking your cart.
- Fixed a strange mistake where BLU had more path_tracks than RED. Not that it affected gameplay at all and it was barely noticeable but it just looked weird in the HUD. But I fixed it mostly because I would know.

- Added nobuild brush around the ring. Though present in other versions, this one must have slipped my mind. No more obstructioning for you, Engineer.
- Added another nobuild brush in the BLU-only entrance to RED's courtyard.
- Return time is now 10s, down from 30.

- Australium return time is now 10 seconds, down from 15.
- Playerclipped the stairs. I am ashamed.
- Also playeclipped the windowsills. No more running away with the intel for you, Mr. Scout.
- The Goldrush explosion effect now triggers when the rocket comes crashing down.
- Added signs in the spawnrooms indicating which way to exit for the Rocket or the Australium


Re: Melee Fort A14- Now with *MOAR* bugfixes!

Posted: 03 Nov 2013, 04:07
by the asylum



- Issues with some textures improperly packed fixed

- To ensure future compatibility, the Chooser now attempts to change maps from versions B5 to B1, then from A20 to A1. That way, if admins choose not to put a newer version of a map on the server, it will still be able to select an older version, whichever is the latest version stocked on the server.

- Spawn order rearranged. Two players will initially spawn in the hallway, followed by the three in the mini stage spawn, then two in the toll booth, and the rest will overflow into the hallway.
- Moved BLU's hallway spawns up juuuuuuust a bit to be identical to RED's hallway spawn

- The second-last points are now inside a little nook in the bases' L-Hallway.
- Bridges over the moats moved in front of the L-Hallway entrance
- Removed one escape ramp each from the moats. If you're in the moat, it's a one-way exit to the middle area.

- Did away with the brush-based title belts. It's back to boring old intel briefcases.
- Deleted a bunch of dumb and useless observer points
- Added the new little nooks to the bases hallways as in CP Melee Fort

- Fixed melee 0 output not firing correctly
- Finally sewed up that ugly mismatch in displacements from the grave spawn

- The glass now breaks when the round is won, not before.

- Added CTF's cage to RED's ring. Let's make the last push a little harder for BLU, shall we?
- Greatly reduced the size of the indicator arrows
- More dumb camera deleting

Re: Melee Fort A15

Posted: 29 Jun 2014, 06:02
by the asylum

(i had a changelog for a16 but it vanished, heres what i can remember)

- Fixed a potentially game-crashing bug that's apparently been here since the very beginning. How it went this long without ever happening is a miracle.
- Added the alcove in the L-Hallways to versions that did not have them (Except PLR and RCTF)
- NEW CHOOSER (officially) ADDED! Introducing the RANDOM Chooser!
- Love and War Update compatibility added

- The 2nd Forward Spawns are now inside the train tunnels

- Put barbed wire on the cage doors. No more camping up there either.

- Idlers griefing in the spawnroom duting Sudden Death? No problem! Just capture their courtyard ring, and all their spawn protection is disabled for one minute!

- New spawn rooms in the train tunnels, hooray!

- Tweaked the endgame explosion