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Teleporter Priorities

Tips and tricks for playing the Engineer class.
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Teleporter Priorities

Unread post by Tampashrew »

As an engineer, your teleporter can be extremely needed to transport troops to the frontlines. Certain classes should use the teleporter before others for best results.

1. The Heavy : The heavy is an extremely slow class and should be top priority when deciding who gets to use the teleporter. And if the teleporter is under attack, the heavy can start rotating his minigun and teleport to unleash hell upon the attackers.

2. The Engineer : Fellow Engineers and yourself can upgrade and maintain your base and keep it alive in general making the engineer another class that should be allowed the use of the teleporter first.

3.The Medic : The medic is required to go ahead of other classes to support the heavy but only after the first two classes because the medic is weak and should the engineers base be under attack, the first two classes are better at keeping the base alive.

4. The Soldier : The soldier being the second slowest class in the game makes the teleporter incredibly useful and is vital to the frontlines whether attacking or defending.

5. The Demoman : Another class vital to the frontlines, the demoman is capable of defending the base and attacking enemies along with the soldier.

6. The Pyro : The pyro really dosen't benefit from the teleport except for maybe attacking enemies that are attacking the base. The last class to be vital to the frontlines puts him in front of the next three classes.

7. The Sniper : You shouldn't really use the teleporter because as a sniper, your supposed to pick off enemies from a distance, not at where all the action is. You can usually start picking off enemies a short distance from the teleporter.

8. The spy : As a spy the after-effect of the teleporter (the ring around your feet) makes you highly noticeable around the enemies, disguised or not. But if your willing to wait the ten or so seconds for it to wear off, the teleporter was useful, but usually in the time it takes to wear off, you could have ran to your target and backstabbed him already.

9. The Scout : We come to the final class, The Scout. The scout does not at all require the teleporter, your speed can get you to the teleporter exit and back before that poor heavy even has a chance to teleport. The scout is the weakest class, so should the base be under attack, your pretty almost useless.

Disagree with how I put the list or do you believe the reasons should be different? Comment below on how it should be different.
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Re: Teleporter Priorities

Unread post by PhrozenFlame »

Glow effect does not appear on disguised spies anymore. :V They should be right under (I would say above but Pyros can defend the base if it's under attack) Pyros.
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Re: Teleporter Priorities

Unread post by Boreas »

I think engies should always have priority over every other class, otherwise not bad.
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