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t00bz's guide for the spy

Tips and tricks for playing the Spy class.
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t00bz's guide for the spy

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the spy, is probably my favorite class, tormenting campers and soldiers is probably why. i'm going to give you guys my personal favorite loadouts and strategy for each invisiwatch, the spy is too hard to explain for every situation.

my personal loadout (on valve maps and maps with lots of resources at handy)
by resources i mean metal and health by the way
the default loadout

this loadout is easy for guys who have played for a whiles, if you're a new guy, i'd suggest cloak and dagger once you find it. dead ringer is also a favorite with my loadout.

cloak and dagger-kind of the easy going invisiwatch, you just sit around and recharge. i don't like it unless it's on a custom map, because some maps don't have enough metal lying around. also seems to have reduced cloak
suggested for new people and anyone on big custom map

dead ringer-this is a fun watch. but somewhat hard to use. if you go dancing around with a pyro, GTFO. or else you're screwed.i also wouldn't recommend running around with this out, unless the other team is spy spamming. because when you die with one baseball hits you while you're running out of your spawn, they WILL hunt you down. wait for them to swiss cheese you a little bit, then pray that the body doesn't glitch and get stuck halfway in the ground or something and book it.
suggested for-intermediate and pros

normal invisiwatch-this is acutally the best one. you can collect metal with it. so if you're killing every once in a while and are in decent range of metal. you will succeed with it. it also forces you to uncloak when it runs out. which i find stimulates you to attack which actually gives you a chance of surviving. unlike the cloak and dagger where you just sit and pray.
suggested for-anyone

so i hope you guys like my rundown of the watches.
also, the revolver is better than the ambassador
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