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Places to Build on warpath

Tips and tricks for playing the Engineer class.
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Places to Build on warpath

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welcome to my ability to describe in as detail as possible that I can without using pictures:
all of these work for me for they are hard for spies to reach succesfully and the only thing that has a possiblity of destroying them are ubered heavys or soldiers

you are pushed back to your first spawn when you build here it would be in your best intrest to build on the building to the right of the point or on the point itself.

second point:
build on the building right outside of the tunnel build in the building right outside the tunnel or if you can build on the building that houses the spawn

build on the small layer of bricks in the middle of the opposing teams side of the bridge, or build around that

last point:
build right outside the enemy base that is all I can tell you
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