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TradeMark's Spy Skill

Tips and tricks for playing the Spy class.
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•cC• TradeMark
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TradeMark's Spy Skill

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Jumps and falls: On jumping or falling. Do not hold deadringer out because it will kill you, put it away until u have taken all fall damage so your cloak dont have to re-charge.

Deaths and burning: When you get shot hide in a corner or run to the nearest cover to avoid being killed for real,
make sure that the enemy is not in sight before coming out from cover (Obviously). When a pyro is chasing you and trying to burn you, outrun it or if ur already cloaked and on fire then ur screwed. Mkae sure u put deadringer away while being chased by pyro. When pyro is dead or lost intrest in trying to kill you then cloak and die and hide for re-charge.


When cloaked hide in corners or navigate your way around the room and try not to be seen or found (Obviously).
If a or the room you in is filled with pyros or heavys or any person spray and pray style shooting around the room like a mad man then ur dead. If you are on fire dont bother to cloak and hide because your going to die either way. So if you are on fire and burning then try to kill the pyro trying to kill you.


Teleporter streams are now gone and wont show after you have come out of a tele. Engineers cannot detect you like that anymore. With the cloak and dagger you wont go out of cloak mode if you are out of cloak, you basically are a blue/red blob moving around the room waiting to be shot.

***THATS ALL FOR NOW** -will be edited when more is found out or posted in a differant post by a differant person-
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