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1.0 Vanilla Server Released

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Gametype: Freebuild

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1.0 Vanilla Server Released

Unread post by Zora »

    Its 1.0
    Its Vanilla
    Its Survival
    Anti-grief: Nonexistent
    Map: Temporary

Just move far away from spawn and you'll be fine. The map is temporary! This server will remain a vanilla server until Bukkit comes out with a new recoomended build for 1.0. This, in the past with other updates, can take up to 3 weeks, maybe more. Or, the update may be in a few seconds. Just sit tight and enjoy yourself on the server. Now that the map generator is done changing for a while (I hope), the next map (when I get bukkit out) will stick around for a while, so we can really start making this server awesome! We are just waiting on CraftBukkit... Feel free to help me by checking Look at the recommended builds feed (top left corner), and if a build for 1.0 is listed, then PLEASE NOTIFY ME! That will make us all happy :)
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