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Goodnight, Mr. Server

Posted: 14 Nov 2011, 08:48
by Zora
Well, almost 100% of the time, there are 0/20 players on the actual minecraft server (, Also, at the same time, my 1 month subscription has run out. I'm not getting another subscription. Oh gosh no. I hated every second of that dedicated server host. I'm working on stabilizing my home server. Before, it could only run stable with 1/4 cpu cores activated, but after modifying some settings in the bios, I've had 4/4 cores activated, and no crashes so far. Its looking good for the server, but only time can tell how well it goes. Also, the official release of minecraft is in less than a week, so I am done working on the server until a bukkit build for minecraft 1.10 comes out. Until then, the whitelist server will still be up! Also, for added convenience, that whitelist server's ip is now, and I'm waiting for CaptainAngry to change the ip over.