I know I have a lot of guts saying this, but any thoughts? I want to start directing people to the server forums where I can discuss things, but it feels awkward directing people here, to a mainly Team Fortress 2 forum site. With forums just for the server, I can do more things, like working polls, and subforums (like for the "see something suspicious" category. It might be more effective than just being an extra leg of the CalculatedChaos forums.

As for then name, you might ask why I didn't make another topic for that. Well the different forums and different name go hand in hand with each other. I'd be referring to each other like crazy and it'd get pretty annoying after a while. Anyways, assuming the server does get its own forums to manage its business and what not, I'd be happy to label it as CalculatedChaos minecraft server, but that might mix things up between these forums and the server forums (if they ever exist). I'll leave it up to you guys on what should be done. I'm happy with either getting own forums or just sticking on here. I don't mean this to sound like I'm rebelling against CalculatedChaos, but is meant to better the server.

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