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Trouble with demo playback.

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Trouble with demo playback.

Unread post by HurTmePlentY »

Hey guys,

After the recent string of updates to the game I am no longer able to playback demos that i want to record with WeGame.

I get an error and and hl2.exe stops responding to the cpu.

does anyone else have this sort of problem with past demos they have recorded, and possibly know of anyway to fix this problem?

i've searched around various forums and read that setting sv_pure to 1 works. I tried it and I get the same exact error.
the console output doesn't show any particular error code or anything i can look up to be able to troubleshoot.
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Re: Trouble with demo playback.

Unread post by captainAngry »

I know that they broke it and then fixed it again. I was under the impression that it should all be working as of a week ago.

I have never played demos (I just record them) so I'm not going to be much help in that department. I can see if I can play back some of the demos I recorded last week (I recorded everything on the main server last week).
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Re: Trouble with demo playback.

Unread post by Divine Fate »

TF2 has always had problems with demos recorded pre-update. Thought they said something about fixing it in one of the recent ones, but I guess not. The only way I've figured out how to play them is to copy a downgraded version of TF2 relative to your demo and play it with that.
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