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I for one am completely disappointed with this.

Re: Xbawks wun

You forgot to mention the facts that Microsoft attempted to hide during the presentation:

You can't get used games anymore, because Microsoft gets 110% of the original sale value at the time of resell, taken out of the retail's pocket

It requires connecting to the internet every 24 hours, or else it explodes. Why? Because.

Kinect is always on, and if it isn't connected, the game console doesn't start up. It is constantly aware of your physical state at all times, regardless of whether the game system is plugged in.

Microsoft has already been caught trying to sell your personal information in private, against its own terms of use.

It has a TV function, however, you can' use any PVR systems to record anything that comes through your cable or satellite line, meaning it's inferior to all but the most basic of cable boxes nowadays.

Call of Duty: We Put a Dog In This One Because Why Not

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Re: Xbawks wun

"XBoxOne is going to become the new water cooler."

If I had an actual water cooler in my house, I know that it at least would make a better console than this.

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