jesus christ.

m1+m2 nets you nothing, so eliminate the sticky launcher altogether. Instead, replace it with the targe for fire + explosive damage, allowing you to do things no one expects.

What you wanna do is get as close to people as possible, the furthest being midrange. If annoying scouts/pyros try to hug you, bash their fucking faces in with the bottle. If you see demos/soldiers/pyros who need a hug, charge up to them with your 50% fire resistance or 40% explosive resistance and bash their fucking faces in. If they try to retreat, use your grenade launcher and turn them into bits.

if a pyro lights you, puffs you into the air, and is about to axe you to death, pull out your bottle and bash their fucking faces in before you land. It's that simple.

Also, I dunno how to kill heavies. I can land 3 pipes on them before they spin up, and that usually does around 297 hp because grenades don't want to do a full 100 hp per hit.