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Re-introducing myself after limited engagement for many years

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Re-introducing myself after limited engagement for many years

Unread post by yuki »

Hi all!

My name is Carter. I now go by Yuki online, but most of you probably know me as vintagelaser an eon ago.

Recently, Flamin had informed me that this forum was still active, to my abject surprise and slight horror lmao

I haven't been on the tf2 server in years, but I love you guys and I do want to offer my apologies for putting up with my stupid, toxic, child ass while I was in middle school all those years ago. In any case, I'm 24 years old and a college graduate now.

Being in the cC community, especially on the tf2 server, was some of the best times of my adolescent life and i have very fond memories of it. if anyone wants to reconnect just to chat or play games, or for any other reason, hit me up at yu#8566 on discord and i would love to hang out <3

I'm currently living in Denton, TX, so if you're in the area and want to go out for drinks or hang out, i'd be very happy to host you.

much, much, much love,

Yuki/ the artist formerly known as vintagelaser.

formerly known as vintagelaser. 24

i play MTG, rocket league, and others

graduated from University of North Texas 2019
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, Minor in Japanese (4 years)
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